Spain - Barcelona

Barcelona: 3 star hotel in preferred location in the centre


Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and second largest town of Spain. It lies at the Mediterranean Sea and is an administrative seat of the province of the same name.

Within the city about 1.6 million people live. With it Barcelona is the eleventh-biggest municipality of the European Union and after Hamburg the second largest one which is not the capital of a member state. Together with the environs the number of inhabitants amounts to 3.16 millions. Moreover, with yearly more than seven million tourists from abroad, Barcelona counts as fifth most-visited town of Europe.


In 2014 7,878 millions tourists came to Barcelona, while these were in 1990 only 1.7 millions. The number of the overnight stays rose in this period from 3.8 to 17 millions and the number of the international airline passengers has increased tenfold since 1990. Barcelona lies among most-visited towns of Europe on rank 5, after London, Paris, Berlin and Rome.

The attractive hotel lies in preferred location in the centre of Barcelona. The location is unusual, because the hotel is situated on the corner of two important shopping streets in the most-visited part of the town.

The 3 star hotel Garni has more than 37 rooms and offers a very good prize-/value relation, so that the annual occupancy-rate reaches more than 75%. In the hotel there are two shops, which are rented very well.


3 star
Hotel Type
City- and tourist hotel
more than 36
Reception/lobby; breakfast space; shops
Purchase Price
€ 7.500.000.-
Return on investment
more than 8 % p.a. plus value increase of the real estate
Broker free
only in case of success 3% of the purchase price plus VAT
2,190 square metres

Object: Barcelona: 3 star hotel in preferred location in the centre