Was wir suchen

We search

Attractive hotel real estate or suitable, promising land and properties to establish hotels for private investors,
 family offices and institutional investment funds.

You want to sell your hotel?

You own a hotel and want to sell? We have the investors for your real estate! Also for hotel owners who want to sell to generate capital and remain in the hotel to management and operate the hotel in the future. We search primarily hotels starting with 3 million euros in good to very good tourism and city locations. But also exclusive hotels all over the world in attractive locations and with unusual concepts are interesting for our customers. Contact us, we help you with pleasure!

You own a property or land in excellent location?

Project developers among our customers search constantly suitable developed properties in excellent natural-, tourism- and city locations for their hotel projects. We look forward that you contact us with your property. We support you with pleasure with the mediation and accompany you with the sales. Thank you for contacting us!

You have a hotel concept ready for conversion?

You have already a piece of land and a hotel concept ready to go, maybe already first plans and studies? Then please contact us! We bring you with solvent investors in contact and accompany you – if desired – with the transaction and assist with the development.