Selection of real estate: for HOTELINVEST only good quality is important.

River and Old-Town in Basel
River and Old-Town in Basel

Not every hotel is a profitable investment. Especially as an investment, a hotel real estate must show a realistic yield chance!

In contrast to other real estate agencies for HOTELINVEST only the quality and not the quantity counts. It is not a matter of having as many hotels as possible in a portfolio. It is more vital that the object can be sold within a foreseeable timeframe for a realistic price.This is the most important criterion to guarantee the satisfaction of the customers in the long term.

Fair and market-compliant prices are decisive.

HOTELINVEST offers exclusively select hotels with high quality criterions that therefore qualify for the sales. Before HOTELINVEST takes up a hotel real estate in the sales process, the hotel is submitted to a strict selection procedure. Furthermore the present and the future profitability is analysed to determine the yield of the investment.

The following points are pulled up in the most frequent cases as the most important criteria for the market analysis of the object: excellent location of the hotel real estate, good building condition and infrastructure, fair and market-compliant price.

Class instead of mass. The uniqueness counts.

Not every hotel finds move in the portfolio of HOTELINVEST. Besides, not every hotel is taken up immediately in the sales. The quality and the uniqueness of the hotel real estate play with many other factors, on this occasion, a decisive role.

Some important choice criteria are:

The good location of the hotel real estate

Whether the hotel is located directly in a city-center or in the country-side, in close vicinity of a highly frequented convention- and trade centre or in perfect location in the midst of a holiday region. All these criteria play an important role of the hotel assessment, because the good location of the real estate counts. Nevertheless, the object must not always be directly in the "city centre" or „within the ski slopes“. The uniqueness of the hotel real estate is the most important aspect.

The uniqueness of the object

No matter whether rustic ski hotel or modern designer hotel, from the 3-star up to the 5 stars hotel, from a 30 up to 250 rooms hotel, every hotel with a certain attraction, imagination and uniqueness is interesting. HOTELINVEST is a specialist for hotels, but not for pensions and gastro real estate like coffee houses, restaurants etc. These properties are forwarded with pleasure to expert-colleague free of charge.

The market-compliant retail price of the hotel real estate

To have a realistic sales chance, the retail price must correspond to the market. Hence, every object is valued by Thomas Wührer most exactly and for it a suitable value certificate is provided.

The attractive price-/value relation of the object

Not the amount of the retail price, but a good and attractive value-achievement is vital. A fair and market-compliant price enables to sell the real estate in a foreseeable time frame. Besides, it is very important for HOTELINVEST that the seller as well as the buyer are "treated" fairly and, after all, are equally contented.

An attractive hotel concept is vital

Whether city-hotel, convention-hotel, winter sport-hotel or wellness-hotel. It is of upmost importance that the hotel shows a consistent concept to be able to survive in the market in the long term positively.

New profit chances and future potential

With the help of detailed analyses of the situation and the economic figures, HOTELINVEST can quite simply determine where possibilities for a optimisation lie. Besides and if necessary, a new adjustment with a new strategy can be compiled therefore.

With pleasure we support you in all areas in which you need a competent partner and look forward to hearing from you!