Recipes for success and causes for thought.

Silicon Valley

If we are honest to ourselves we realize that general recipes for success do not exist. But over and over again, interesting causes for thought, perspectives of changes and experiences of others can support our plans and activities. Such as my actual favorite book "Silicon Valley" of Christoph Keese. The manager spent together with his colleagues of the management of “Springer Verlag” Germany several weeks in the hotspot of the digital economy to learn and experience the latest trends. I would like to explain briefly a few statements from the book and the Silicon Valley. Since they contain for hotel operators, hotel investors and also for me as the CEO of Hotelinvest interesting aspects.

"All life is problem solving"

As a qualified hotel manager, the solving of problems belongs to my life-work.  The one who serves his guests also helps them to solve their problems; a self-evident fact. To solve own problems and to see in it a sort of fulfilment, is  - actually – valid in each entrepreneur's nature. Till this day I am still a “problem solver”; as an entrepreneur  and for my customers. The hotel owner has a problem because he would like to sell, but does not know to whom. The investor has a problem, because he would like to invest, but does not know where! I bring together what belongs together. Sounds easy. However, it is not simple. Since, in this process, many small and greater challenges appear which one must seize. But this belongs to our (business) life.

"Reduce to the max."

In a world with countless chances, specialization and concentration on the essentials is a real art. This is valid for the strategy of an enterprise as well as for the choice of the right investment. And it is connected with a certain risk. However, every time has her cycles. Only with the crossing of one cycle to the other, a dispersion makes sense. This is why Hotelinvest exclusively operates in the field of hotel real estate. No luxury real estate, no land transactions or forests – although these would offer many chances. Therefor we know a lot in our field. We know hotels not just only as figures on the computer, but since decades we know them due to many repeated visits.

"Offer outstanding service!"

Sounds simple at first. But behind it stands the claim not only to fulfil the expectations of the customer. But to excel them and to surprise them positively, yet to generate enthusiasm.  With this philosophy, Steve Jobs, the propelling mind behind Apple, has left behind his competition for a long time. Simply because they did not have the competition in the eye, but only the customer and how their product fit to the potential customer. Hotelinvest tries exactly to do this. With personal  contact to each customer, competence and service. For all sides: the supplier, the operator and the investors. Especially family offices remunerate this engagement in particular.

These were only three quotations from a very exciting book in which a lot of influences of social and economic kind are described, which will influence our life during the next years. If you need an interesting night reading with many suggestions for your own enterprise or investment strategy, here the data.

Christoph Keese: Silicone Valley. Knaus Verlag, 320 sides, 19.99 Euros, ISBN: 978-3-813-50556-6