Investment with high quality yield

Alpenhaus Management

As in many contributions already explained, hotels distinguish themselves as an investment by numerous advantages. But they remain for most, even well earning people, financially seen out of reach, because the prices mostly start beyond the million Euro border – upwards open. So - instead of buying a whole hotel – one could acquire a hotel-room or a hotel-suite instead. The idea is not quite new, but so far earlier one has invested in a company which was then the owner of the hotel. Or one only got a dubious right of use in any room.

To acquire a hotel "partially"? It all depends on the details!

Today the sale of hotels “in parts” is not only for project developers and operators a successful model. For the investor this system also carries a huge number of advantages too. However, the full juridical security of a classical real estate investment one enjoys only if the hotel apartment is exactly determined, numbered and registered in the land registry, similar to the traditional purchase of a freehold flat.

Of course the owner can also dispose of his real estate property completely, sell it, inherit it or use the apartment as a security, for example, for a bank loan. Still there are a few differences. It lies in the nature of a hotel real estate that the hotel guests change more often than long term tenants. So – to carry out all duties professionally – the owner of a hotel room delegates all duties to a professional hotel management company that rents out the room in his behalf and is responsible for all administrative duties as well as maintenance. In most cases, the management companies work on pure commission base to occur and protect a high extent of occupation, what lies in the interest of both contracting partners.

Why not generate yield in the form of vacation?

Especially winning is the idea to be able to enjoy his vacation in his own investment. With the Alpenhaus Katschberg.1640 HOTELINVEST offers such an investment possibility: A perfect combination of attractive inflation-protected investment and holiday real estate in top location, integrated in a hotel infrastructure with 4-star level. The expected yield generated of renting lies at about 3-4% plus the owner-use of the apartment of 4 to 6 weeks per year. So in total the investor generates a yield of about 5-6%. In addition some may generate possible tax advantages which can arise, for example, in connection with the deduction of debt interests of the income.

Independent of the financial aspect, life can be enjoyed with an apartment in the Alpenhaus Katschberg.1640 in dreamlike surroundings in every season. We have submitted this investment possibility of course to our usual high-class check for hotel investments, before it was taken up with in the HOTELINVEST offer. The mediation of HOTELINVEST occurs for the buyer free of commission.

Best would be, you make a picture to yourselves. With great please we advise and assist you personally and we are glad about your inquiry.