I`d like to be a hotel owner!

Ich wäre so gerne Hotelier © Chepko Danil /Fotolia

“Don´t dream your life, live your dream!”

Start-ups give new impulses to the economy in many branches, especially in the digital world. Most of the time, it is not a matter at all of making the big money. What counts is the desire to realize a business idea and lifetime dream.

The fresh wind does not stop at the tourism industry. Innovative ideas meet approval, even if not everybody is as extreme as for example this temporary hotel project in Munich; or as socially engaged as this project in Augsburg.

No question, who wants to become a hotel manager must be fit economically, know a lot of the industry, must arouse enthusiasm and does always work service orientated. It is a full time job and not everybody is approved to this high demanding job. But the one who is appointed with heart blood, however, may enjoy working at the most desired place of the world: here where others vacation. Here private and business interests, family and job can be brought perfectly in harmony.

For hotel owners who want to move forward in the branch, times were never as favorable as now: Creative concepts of newcomers are asked, people in Central Europe travel not only during classical holiday times but all year round and the interest-rates for financing a hotel are historically low. Today banks only ask for about 30% in private equity or securities for a loan to finance a hotel.

Absolutely in trend is the financing with crowd funding. In the meantime crowd funding enterprises also increasingly finance tourism projects. The advantages: The money is valid as private equity and not as loan or credit, plus all classical advances. At the same time one already reaches with the campaign for the financing of the hotel project potential future guests. In addition further appropriations are often possible as another component in the financing mix.

The specialist HOTELINVEST offers several attractive hotels that could fulfill a dream. We have selected different, reasonable hotels with huge potential in dream locations for you:

For example, a charming small hotel in Goldegg/Austria, in panoramic location directly at the lake.
As an enterpriser and hotel owner your future workplace lies directly on the shore. While you check your reservation mails, you can let your feet quite laxly dangle in the crystal clear mountain lake.

Or would you prefer a small, but fine 3 star-superior a hotel in South Tirol?
With only six employees the small but fine resort in the “Pustertal” is profitably operated during 10 months. From your private apartment in the hotel you have short ways to the nicest walking-, hiking- and skiing areas.

Our hotel in St. Anton lies not only for your guest, but also for you as potential hotel owner, in the biggest skiing area of Austria.
In the morning you enjoy breakfast as a good host with your guests, ski a little during the day and in the evening you help out in the restaurant. Work is fun!

With great pleasure HOTELINVEST introduces to you other, especially for young hotel owners and new hotel managers attractive objects in suitable price ranges and top location. In addition, we accompany you with pleasure on the way for your tailor-made financing or help you in all technical questions.

Get in contact with us! And your dream becomes reality.