Montenegro - Aqua Vista Bay at Kumbor Bay

The resort

Aqua Vista, ideally positioned at the entrance to the Boka Bay, sits at one of the very best spots on picturesque and protected Boka Kotorska, or Boka Bay.
This is where the mountains meet the see at one of the most dramatic ways on the globe.
This is also the perfect place from which to discover the stunning 300 kilometer coastline of Montenegro and its 117 beaches.
The total plot area has 10.677 sqm.; the total gross construction can be up to 14.018 sqm.

The project

The projected condo hotel will consists of about 20 rooms, 125 luxury apartments, landscaped gardens, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a gym, shops and restaurants, access to the marina, direct walkway to the beach, private car park.
The main building and its annex is permitted for construction of G+3 levels, while the projected villas are permitted for B+G+1 level.

4 star superior
Hotel Type
Condo resort hotel
Gardens, indoor and outdoor pools, shops, restaurants etc.
10,677 m2
Purchase Price
on inquiry
Broker free
3% of the purchase price plus 20% VAT
Return on investment
Depending on the concept up to 15 % p.a.

Object: Montenegro - Aqua Vista Bay at Kumbor Bay