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Hotels with great past and great potential

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Bad Gastein offers holidays for body & soul, all year round. With alpine peaks that rise beyond the three-thousand-meter mark, all the way up into the glacial zones of the Hohe Tauern range, Bad Gastein isn't just the Monte Carlo of the Alps, it is also a paradise for fans of outdoor sports. But even putting the countless sporting opportunities aside, this charming Belle Époque town has even more to offer. Here, caressed by the glorious mountain scenery, not only can you enjoy extraordinary skiing, mountain biking or hiking, you can also relax wonderfully and simply enjoy the astonishing beauty which surrounds you. Bad Gastein has many different faces, from deep in the valley to the top of the highest mountains.

In winter modern ski lifts, more than 200 km primed ski slopes and magnificent deep snow ski-runs; reliable snow conditions until the end of April in Sportgastein (altitude 2.900 meters).

Worldwide unique: the thermal waters of Gastein.

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The Resort and the hotels:

With more than 1.2 million Nächtigungen bath Gastein stands, firstly, in the Gasteiner valley (whole Nächtigungen more than 2.5 million) and belongs therefore to the leading tourism places in Austria.

Our offer of you: by our excellent contacts we have succeeded, a package with to agree to several hotels of different dimensions and categories for the sales.

Some of these hotels offer the possibility for big enlargements and removals with hotel rooms and also hotel flatlets with the draught Buy to let.

Contact us. With pleasure we present to you the new draught.

Hotel Category
3 - 4 stars and development site
Hotel Typ
2 Saisonen Ferienhotel; Apartmenthotel
Hotel Rooms
bis ca. 400
Hotel Features
as desired
Hotel Area
Je nach Bedarf
Hotel Price
auf Anfrage
Hotel Honorar
3% der Kaufsumme zzgl. 20% Mehrwertsteuer
Hotel Rendite
5 % bis über 11 % und mehr

Object: Hotels with great past and great potential