Belize -

Caye Resort in Glovers Reef Atoll

Beautiful caribbean beach and dining area of the resort
Glovers Reef Atoll in the atlantic ocean
The resort is located on an Atoll with breathtaking marine life
Perfect spot for an exclusive resort on a natural caribbean island
Holidays on a caribbean island in a small, intimate resort
Cristal clear water and sandy beaches at Glover's Reef Atoll
Resort on an atoll in the atlantic ocean, paradise in the caribbean
Exclusive resort at Glovers Reef Atoll
Hotel area of the caribbean resort
Das Glovers Reef Atoll im atlantischen Ozean ist einer der wenigen unberührten Flecken dieser Erde
Well equipped bungalows in caribbean resort

The Island

Belize is located in Central America on the western Caribbean and is a short 2-hour flight from Houston, New Orleans or Miami. This Caye Resort is situated on a former coconut plantation. The 12 palm-studded acres are located at the southern tip of Glover's Reef Atoll within a federally protected marine reserve - truly one of the most spectacular untouched reef systems in the Caribbean.

Glover's Atoll lies 20 miles outside the second longest barrier reef in the world and comprises some 80 square miles in area on the edge of the continental shelf. It is one of only a handful of atolls in the Atlantic/Caribbean and was designated as a United Nations World Heritage Site. Because of the atoll's protected status, you will be amazed by the abundant marine life - grouper, moray, colourful queen trigger fish and large parrot fish abound. Majestic manta rays are frequently seen; as well as dolphins, eagle rays and sea turtles.

This Resort was once a premier destination for hard-core dive enthusiasts from the USA and Europe, and with a little work this island would become a truly exclusive resort. Kept in a good state of repair and with a full-time caretaker currently on the island.

Access to this Caye is best by helicopter which is roughly a 35 minute ride from Belize City. The ride, at roughly 60 miles, would take about 2.5 hours by larger high speed boat. Most small resorts, currently operating on the Atoll, transfer their guests from Dangriga which is 30 miles away and roughly a 1.5 hour ride by larger speed boat. 

One of the most upmarket Barrier Reef locations, the Glover’s Atoll area is the mooring spot of choice for many luxury yachts. With the booming eco-tourism market and the diminishing number of truly pristine areas left on earth, tropical private island resorts like this one are a great investment and a very popular destination for an increasing number of adventurous tourists- even actor Leonardo DiCaprio is developing a sustainable resort on his Belizean caye.

The Resort

The Resort at the moment consists of 12 bungalows. There are 7 tropical mahogany traditional bungalows are all situated on the white, sandy beach overlooking the reef.

Charming and rustic, each is fully air-conditioned with a modern private bath. In addition there are 5 large, deluxe bungalows, octagonal-shaped with tile floors. These bungalows have different configurations of beds - from singles to doubles and queen and king beds. The twelve bungalows are spaced twenty to thirty feet apart. 

Also available for small groups, families or honeymooners, is a large, roomy, two-bedroom family house which provides complete privacy with a large veranda offering panoramic views of the atoll and nearby cayes. This family house has two bedrooms, one with queen and the other with two double beds each have adjoining bathrooms and air conditioning. The Family House has a large living room with a pull out sofa, and a kitchenette area. 

The dining area is the focal point of the resort, acting as a bar, restaurant and leisure area. It was built on the end of the pier, with its native woods, tall thatched roof, and open-air design.

Hotel Category
Hotel Typ
Island Resort
Hotel Rooms
12 bungalows
Hotel Features
restaurant, bar, leisure are
Hotel Area
Hotel Price
$ 7,800,000.00
Hotel Honorar
3% of the purchase price
Hotel Rendite
ca. 10% p.a.

Object: Caye Resort in Glovers Reef Atoll



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