Dominican Republic -

4 star superior boutique hotel in dreamlike tropical location

The Dominican Republic is the most stable democracy in Latin America and is situated on the Greater Antilles between the Atlantic and the Caribbean. It encloses the east and the middle of the island, while on the western third the state Haiti is located. The climate is tropical and even in winter the temperatures never sink below 16 degrees.

More than five million holiday makers visit the Dominican Republic each year. The explained aim of the government for the next years is to double this number up to about 10 million tourists. The tourists come primarily from the USA and from Canada. In addition many tourists come from Europe (recently also increasingly from East Europe) as well as from the South American countries like Brazil, Argentina or Chile and from other parts of the world as for example South Africa, Australia, the People's Republic of China or Japan. On the regional level the tourism has clearly moved from the north (between Puerto Plata and Samaná) to the east (with Punta Cana and Bávaro). The airport of Punta Cana registers the most landings in the whole Caribbean. In Punta Cana the annual occupancy rate amounted in 2013 to very high 79.4%.

The hotel and holiday resort

Only 30 minutes from the airport of Punta Cana, in dreamlike tropical location with private access to the sea, a small, tasteful boutique hotel is under construction. The hotel will opened in 2016 and offers 22 double rooms and 2 large suites, pool with pool-bar and Beach bar & grill in the midst of a guarded tropical garden. The hotel will establish as one of a few and one of the best boutique hotels in the Dominican Republic. In addition, 10 beautiful holiday villas are built which can be bought or be rented.

Additional info:

The hotel can be bought with or without operator.

4 star superior
Hotel Type
Holiday-/Resort hotel with 365 day operation
24 rooms
Pool; pool bar; Beach bar & grill; restaurant. Summer cottages
Purchase Price
EURO 4.000.000.- turn key
Broker free
3% of the purchase price plus VAT
Return on investment
more than 10% p.a. after three years of operation

Object: 4 star superior boutique hotel in dreamlike tropical location


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