What does actually "location quality" for hotels mean? (Part I)

Location Quality

An attractive location of a hotel protects in the long term the value preservation and the yield. For the judgement, many different factors such as the guest structure and the hotel concept must fit. With "Macro-location" one looks at the basic sphere and wide surrounding of the hotel. I would like to explain this closer with the example of the city of Vienna.

In the international comparison of the quality of life, Vienna stands in 2016 according to the comparative study of the consultation company Mercer once more on place 1 of the town ranking. With Zurich (rank 2) and Munich (rank 4) two other European towns are found under the top 5. The quality of life was valued by Expatriates in 230 cities worldwide. Now the factor “quality of life” is not to be equated directly with the attraction of a hotel location. However, many judgement criteria are the same or can be derived of each other to be able to estimate the long-term value of the Macro-location.

Quality of life in 39 criteria

For the judgement of the quality of life of every town, 39 criteria such as political, social, economic aspects oriented to environment were analysed in the Mercer study. In addition more factors like health-care, educational possibilities, public transport as well as other public services were evaluated. For the first time the factor „personal security“ which is reflected in the internal stability, the criminal activity rates and efficiency of the local criminal proceedings authorities was examined separately.

Also hard facts speak for Vienna

Beside the rather subjective quality of life standard, hard facts also speak for Vienna as a top destination of private and business visitors. As an imperial capitol town and seat of power of the Habsburg monarchy, during centuries Vienna was a cultural and political centre of Europe. The numerous historic buildings of this time, varied cultural offers and the call as an effect site of classical composers like Beethoven, Mozart or Mahler work up to today. 6 million guests and more than 13.5 million overnight stays per year put Vienna on place 7 of the mostly visited towns of Europe.

Head quarter of international organisations

Since 1979, the Austrian capital is - beside New York, Nairobi and Geneva - one of four official residence of the UN. Today more than 30 international organisations and diplomatic corps with approx. 4.000 representatives have their official residences here. Due to congresses, conferences and convention, more than half a million people are expected in addition. And quality counts for the visitors more than quantity: Nearly 60% of the guests stay at 4-and 5-star hotels.

The Macro-location of Vienna is right as well as the matter of image and concrete demand.

In the next chapter of my report “hotel location”, I will explain the subject Micro-location.