The cradle of Alpine skiing

Der weisse Rausch - historischer Skispringer

The 3rd of January, 1901 was a cold day with bright blue sky and marvelous powder snow. Skis, with would mean the world to so many years later, were known since 20 years after an engineer from Norway skied in the snow in front of sceptical looks of locals. On this day a group of fearless ski pioneers started to St. Christoph for a ski-tour. This tour ended in the legendary Hospiz Hotel with a happy round and the foundation of the ski club Arlberg.

30 years later – the ski tourism had already started softly – the film "Der weiße Rausch”, directed by the famous mountain director Arnold Fanck and produced in St. Anton, was presented as great sensation; and enhanced the satisfaction for skiing. Now the ski tourism in St. Anton was not to be detained any more. As direct result of this boom, a hotel with many unwritten stories of the passion of the skiing, his pioneers and his heroes was built.

A hotel as a contemporary witness of skiing legends

Established in a modern style, his architecture looks till this day absolutely timeless. The 4-star hotel offers more than 35 rooms, which fulfil the highest comfort and design standards. The time-less and comfortable equipment of the rooms, a lounge and a cozy bar create a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere to please its guests. The quiet and sunny location, yet only a few walking minutes to the most important ski lifts also contributes to the place. Here one is in the center of entertainment with the famous Aprés ski of St. Anton or one may prepare for the famous ski race "Der weiße Rausch", which is organized every year in St. Anton. Or one simply enjoys the spectacular panoramic view with breathtaking beauty of the mountain world.

Smart businessmen honor an attractive yield of about 6% per year plus an already approved removal of up to 100 beds. On account of its privileged location and its unique charm, this hotel  achieves very high occupancy not only in the ski season. So why only spend the night in legendary hotels if one himself can own one outstanding hotel in the biggest ski area of Austria?

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