Bitcoin: Match ball for speculators or sensible investment?

Spielball für Spekulanten oder sinnvolle Geldanlage? Bitcoins


Actually, I wanted to write this article already 10 days ago. It’s good that the text is finished only now, since the reality obviously confirms my feeling about a phenomenon of the financial market. It is about the Bitcoin. Within three months its course value has trebled and then jumped back down to the starting position. This volatility brought the Bitcoin at the beginning of the year in the headlines and announced him to a broader group of people.

Some condemn the Bitcoin, others celebrated the new currency and see the universal remedy for all finance-political evil. While, for example, the investor legend Warren Buffet warns urgently about it, became known that New Economy multi-millionaire Peter Thiel holds several hundred millions of Bitcoins.  

The other side of the medallion

Bitcoin and syndicate members are – at least at the moment – a pure speculation. The high volatility can be steered completely by few market participants which dispose of large amounts of the digital currency. And as always the thing has two sides: profits on one mean losses on the others. And indeed, the Bitcoin camouflages as a "real currency". The number is limited, the production ("Mining") becomes more and more expensive due to the exponential growing energy involved with the computer-aided calculating of the code.

Bitcoin – the new fake gold?

With the virtual coins the Bitcoins want to resemble the oldest currency of the world, the gold. But gold not virtual, but always touchable and technical or hand usable. Beside its unique physical presents, gold has fascinated people above all aesthetically. It is no coincidence that the Bitcoin is always shown in the media as a gold coin.  Even the greed to become rich with Bitcoin within the shortest time, reminds of the big times of the gold fever. Besides, it is forgotten that seldom the golden seekers became rich, but rather those which profited by logistics, infrastructure and trade from the hype.  

Secure alternatives with yield

In short: Bitcoin is no investment, but pure gambling. One should only take part in this game – in general –, if one does not need the invested money at short notice or in the long term for his life. For the property protection and wealth building, there are enough more sensible alternative offers. In contrast to the virtual currencies whose value is based only on a very thin trust layer, real estate still belongs to the securest value arrangements. One cannot "steal" them because real estate is immovable, they are not increaseable arbitrarily, they increase still their market value and they generate – above all with hotels – absolutely a fair yield on which one can calculate in the long term. 

The hotel apartments that pay themselves

For those who cannot or do not want to buy a whole hotel, we offer the possibility to acquire hotel apartments . An example are these hotel apartments in the Metropolregion Nuremberg, which are offered starting from EUR 109,000. There the investor is registered individually in the land register and disposes of all property rights. At the same time the real estate is professionally managed and achieves a guaranteed yield of 4,4%. With clearly lower interest-rated of loans, these apartments pay practically themselves. Ideally as a part of a sure old-age pension also for average incomers.  

Successful business start right at the ski slope

For the young enterprisers of the tourism industry who want to be start a successful existence with a hotel, this possibility in Styria is very attractive: The family hotel right at the snow secure ski slope is completely renovated, is frequented to 80% by returning customers and achieves in winter an occupancy rate of more than 85%. With it’s perfect location in a magnificent hiking paradise and other attractive leisure offers, an additional expansion of the use for the summer season promises other profitable possibilities.