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4 star business hotel with guaranteed return

The loction

The city of Zurich, the global center of banking and finance, is the largest city in Switzerland with 409,241 inhabitants. The surrounding area is densely populated, so that about 1.83 million people live in the metropolitan region of Zurich.

Zurich Airport, the hub for numerous international airlines, is the largest airport in Switzerland with around 82,000 passengers per day (around 30 million per year), with around 741 aircraft movements per day. In 2016, the airport received the 13th consecutive World Travel Award in the category of Europe's leading airport. The Skytrax Award also places Zurich Airport among the 10 best airports in the world by millions of travelers every year, and in 2017 as first in the category "20-30 million passengers". The airport head is only 13 kilometers north of the center of the city of Zurich.

The hotel is close to the airport, yet only about 9 km or 10 minutes from downtown Zurich. So this hotel is the ideal home for passengers, airline crews, airport staff, international business people, business travelers, meetings and seminars. This guarantees above-average occupancy throughout the year.

The object

The well-known 4 star business hotel is in very good condition and is currently being renovated. The hotel has more than 150 rooms and today offers the excellent standard of a business and conference hotel. The infrastructure includes fully air-conditioned conference rooms of various sizes, a restaurant, a bar, a wellness department and an underground car park. Important: The hotel is sold with a reputable tenant.

Your investment

The hotel is leased to an international hotel chain for 25 years. The lease-contract includes a fixed annual lease, secured with a bank guarantee and a letter of comfort. Factor: 24.2 with a guaranteed return of 4.1 % p.a.

Due to a confidentiality agreement, we are not allowed to provide any details here. Please contact us. We will gladly email you the meaningful synopsis!

4 star
Hotel Type
Business, conference and conference hotel
On demand
Conference rooms, restaurant, bar, sauna, underground parking
On demand
Purchase Price
On demand
Broker free
2 % of the purchase price plus VAT if applicable.
Return on investment
4.1% p.a. guaranteed plus value increase

Object: 4 star business hotel with guaranteed return


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