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2 attractive plots for new hotel projects for sale

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© Holger Ullmann, visitfrankfurt

© Holger Ullmann, visitfrankfurt

The locations

Rodgau is the most populous city in the Offenbach district; Mörfelden convinces among others with its close proximity to Frankfurt Airport - the southern part of Frankfurt Airport is partly on the land of the city of Mörfelden-Walldorf.

The two up-and-coming small towns are in the direct vicinity of the most important bank- and trade fair city of Frankfurt am Main. The proximity to Frankfurt Airport is an additional advantage.

Frankfurt am Main has demonstrably an ever increasing power of attraction and benefits from the emphasis on image factors. The city is a popular travel destination and an important international conference and congress location.

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The plots / the projects

In the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt, we are offering two plots in different locations for sale. Due to the good locations in heavily frequented areas, these are ideally suited for budget business hotels and guarantee high occupancy all year round. In both cases business and trade travelers as well as conference and seminar guests are primarily addressed as target groups.

Chance 1 - near Frankfurt

City / Region: Rodgau-Weiskirchen
Size of the property: over 4,400 square meters
Dedication: mixed area; Planning approval is already available
Project: 3 star business hotel or boarding house
Number of possible rooms: approx. 135
Purchase price: EUR 1,600,000 for the property

Chance 2 - Only 11 KM from Frankfurt Airport

City / Region: Mörfelden-Walldorf
Size of the property: over 1,200 square meters
Dedication: industrial area; Planning approval in progress
Project: 3 star business hotel or boarding house
Number of possible rooms: approx. 60
Purchase price: EUR 1,500,000 for the property

Your investment

You can purchase one or both of the properties according to your wishes and build on them your commercial property, tailored to your specifications.
Or you engage the current owner to build a turnkey hotel for you. Depending on your wishes, you can then take over the hotels for your own operation or - if you are interested in pure investment - we will lease the hotels to well-known hotel operators for you.

As a guaranteed lease, the new owner receives a fixed return of 5.5% to 6% p.a. (double net). The lease is guaranteed with a bank guarantee and letter of comfort.

Please contact us. We will be happy to email you further documents!

3 stars B&B
Hotel Type
Business, seminar and conference hotel
Approx. 60 or approx. 135 rooms
Lobby, conference rooms, breakfast room and much more.
1,200 sqm or over 4,400 sqm
Purchase Price
EUR 1,500,000.00 basis for negotiation
Broker free
3% of the purchase price plus sales tax
Return on investment
Approx. 8% with own operation. Approx. 5.5% p.a. when renting to an operator

Object: 2 attractive plots for new hotel projects for sale


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